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The Narconon Network Is Worldwide
  The Narconon drug rehabilitation and education delivery centers make up a worldwide network that enjoys government support in many countries. The Narconon network has over 90 drug rehabilitation or drug prevention centers or facilities operating in 20 countries. Its oldest United States center is near Los Angeles. The oldest European center is outside Stockholm, Sweden. The Narconon® drug rehabilitation program operates in diverse settings. In all settings, it enjoys good working relationships with licensing and health/social authorities. “Their results are unquestionable. A majority of those addicts who have received care and service in any of Narconon’s rehabilitation centers in our country have been freed from their addiction.” - Gullan Lindblad, Member of Parliament, Sweden

  An on-site review of the Narconon ® drug and alcohol rehabilitation program was done to assess process and outcome indicators of an ’alternative’ rehabilitation program to establish its validity within the context of national clinical norms and treatment standards as established by the Rehabilitation Accreditation Commission (CARF, previously known as the Commission on the Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities).

  The leading CARF surveyor wrote in his report, “Speaking from my twenty-plus years of experience in the field of substance abuse prevention and treatment and the evaluation of over fifty treatment settings, I can confidently state that the Narconon program is a comprehensive residential treatment modality that addresses all of the indicators that have been clinically shown to precipitate and prolong addiction.

  “The Narconon program rates as highly in physical, administrative and clinical expertise as many of the other prestigious programs that I have surveyed. In terms of outcome, I believe it is far above.”

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