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Methodology of The Narconon Program
  The Narconon ® drug rehabilitation program materials and methodology enable the majority of its students to achieve a stably drug-free, productive, ethical life. A fundamental premise of the Narconon program, known and used by all its staff and students, is that stable recovery is achievable.

  This result is not achieved without effort. Narconon students are brought to understand that they will achieve a drug-free life only if they use the knowledge and life skills they are learning. A vital part of achieving this goal is developing a realistic, workable sense of personal ethics and responsibility. Personal addiction to drugs can be ended. Our statistics show that a majority of our graduates have achieved this freedom. Narconon International and its centers are constantly working to improve their success rate.

  “Addicts characteristically subordinate values such as work, family relationships, and community responsibilities to the ingestion and unwise use of alcohol and/or drugs. Social neglect and criminal behavior are frequent companions of drug abuse and alcoholism. Efforts to develop a functional normative system, as it is done by Narconon, should result in favorable outcomes. Narconon has demonstrated that this redefinition of the normative system of addicts is possible to implement with empathy, compassion, and respect for the addict.”
Alfonzo Paredes, Sr., M.D.

Dr. Paredes, board certified in Psychiatry and Neurology, is a Professor of Psychiatry, UCLA School of Medicine. He graduated the University of Mexico School of Medicine in 1951, interned at St. Joseph Hospital in Kansas City, Missouri, and did residencies in Psychiatry at the University of Kansas, University of Maryland and University of Oklahoma. He is a member of dozens of professional organizations and regularly reviews peer publications in addition to having contributed more than 100 articles or studies of his own.  

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Narconon Alfonzo Paredes MD.

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