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Narconon Arrowhead Drug Education and Prevention Program
  Narconon centers and groups deliver effective drug prevention and education programs that have helped over a million young people worldwide.

  Narconon drug education lectures are dramatically different from presentations based on “scare tactics.” They are designed to awaken students to the realities of drug abuse and provide them with information that enables them to truly understand its dangers. Lecture content has been honed through surveys of thousands of students.

  “The Truth About Drugs” drug prevention series addresses our society’s disastrous double standard: promoting drug and alcohol use through advertising, entertainment and other channels, while at the same time promising punishment for those who use these substances.

  Narconon staff have delivered intimate and direct drug prevention presentations on every continent, to at least a million students.

  “Every teacher and student was most impressed and enlightened by the drug education presentations. The Narconon staff are exceptional. Their manner in working with our students and staff was outstanding. We would like you to know we would recommend them to any group, anywhere, anytime. In the years to come we would like to have them back to talk to new students and staff if ever that is possible.”
Edward L. Catlett
Asst. Principal
Twenty-eighth Street School,
Los Angeles Unified School District

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